Our Pack Is Growing!

published on 08/12/2022

We’ve Added Another Trainer To The Trail & Bone Team!!

Meet Jessa! 

Jessa is a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) who comes to us with over a decade of experience as a dog trainer and seminar presenter.

She has spent years working with owners and their dogs to create positive behavior modification for a variety of behavioral concerns including aggression and reactivity, but her speciality and passion is for raising and training service dogs for people with disabilities.

Jessa began raising assistance dogs while attending college at Texas A&M University, and began training for obedience and behavior modification immediately after graduation. 

She served as head trainer for an ADI (Assistance Dogs International) accredited organization starting in 2014, where she began developing her niche skills for training medical alert and mobility assistance dogs.

Training tasks such as retrievals is a favorite skill that she loves to share with all of her clients, as every dog benefits from learning shaping-based training and developing skills to be helpful to their humans. 

Dear Fellow Pack Members,

I am so excited to begin this awesome journey of working with you and your dogs to help you build your bond with your canine family members, and help your dog reach their dream-dog potential!

As a proud dog-mom to a multi-dog pack of mostly rescued members, and frequent foster home for feral dogs and puppies I’m well versed at working through some daunting behavioral challenges.

I am most passionate about utilizing trick training and lifestyle obedience skills to help dogs successfully navigate this human world, and supporting their dedicated owners to gain understanding and confidence for working with their amazing dogs. 

I am always striving to further my knowledge on dog socialization and behavior, and find new ways to make this knowledge accessible to every pet owner I work with. 

Every dog is capable of being the best dog ever when we can fairly communicate our preferences to them, and gain respect for their unique personalities. 

– Jessa, Training Director

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