This is a dog in a bubble

understanding this “Bubble Theory” is the key to rehabilitating an aggressive or reactive dog

In this video I’ll explain exactly what the “Bubble Theory” is, 

how I used it to heal my own dog’s aggression, 

and how you can too

But first I have to say:

At the risk of sounding too morbid

If you do have an aggressive or reactive dog

You need to watch this video in full, right now

Because unfortunately, I can tell you from personal experience

That the worst case scenario 

Can happen at any moment

Because When I was just a 7 year old 1st grader,

I went off to school one morning

And when my brothers and I came home that afternoon

We found our dog Libby in a crate
and were told we had to say goodbye

Because earlier that day,

she had attacked our elderly neighbor and his daughter’s small dog

And because of her breed and the severity of the bites,
we were forced to have her euthanized

Now I know that story’s heavy

But I share it because addressing aggression

Isn’t something that can be put off

Because every single day

Dogs have to be rehomed

People and other dogs get hurt

Good owners get sued

All because of worst case scenarios that people thought would never happen to them.

Aggression and reactivity is an epidemic in our current society

But aggressive and reactive dogs can be rehabilitated

And if you can just watch this training video until the end, I will show you how you can do just that in as little as a few days.

And I know you’ve hired trainers
you’ve hired behaviorists
you’ve watched all the videos
and read all the blogs

But what you will learn in this training is nothing like you’ve heard before

Because over a decade after what happened with Libby

I found myself with another dog who struggled with aggression and reactivity

But quickly let’s clarify: who is this video training for?

Everything you’re about to learn applies to you if you are an everyday dog owner who has a dog or dogs that are aggressive or reactive towards other humans or other dogs, on or off leash.

This is not for you if you’re struggling with in-home aggression towards you or between your own dogs.

So if your dog is struggling with human, dog, or leash aggression, then you’re in the right place.

So let me introduce myself:

My name is Jon Somers and this little guy in the bubble is my dog Gibson

Gibson is currently a 5-year old shepherd mix who I adopted from a rescue in Naperville, IL when he was just 10 weeks old.

And I’m going to briefly tell you the story of how I almost lost him and how it was discovering the “bubble theory” that saved us both.

Like I said, I adopted Gibson at 10 weeks old.

And within the first week, he was demonstrating extreme fear and anxiety around anyone outside our immediate family.

And that fear and anxiety turned into aggression by the time he was only 5 months old.

The first incident happened when I was home alone in the middle of the day and let both our dogs out into the fenced yard as we always did.

Eventually I let them back in, and all seemed fine.

Then a few minutes later, someone started banging on the front door.

I looked out the front window and saw it was our next-door neighbor

So I opened the door and he immediately started screaming at me that he was in his backyard minding his own business

When my dog ran through a hole in the fence, bit him in the foot and then bolted back into our yard.

He showed me his foot and his shoe had been ripped open.

And I just stared at him in disbelief. 

The only response I could muster was

“Which one?

And then he pointed to Gibson who was cowering behind me and shouted, “The Brown One!”

All I could do was apologize and he left. 

He never brought it up again. 

He didn’t call the police, press charges or tell anyone else in my family about it.

And neither did I.

I dodged a bullet that day, many others don’t get so lucky.

Now, while I’d like to say that that experience woke me up
and I committed right then and there
to getting Gibson’s aggression issues fixed…

I didn’t
I put it off and just kept on managing it

And a little over a year later

I paid the price for my procrastination

On a normal Saturday morning, there was a miscommunication about whether or not Gibson was in his crate

And a family friend was let into the house

As soon as Gibson heard the door open, He bolted

And once he laid eyes on this new person he didn’t know in our house

He instantly rushed her and bit her hard in the knee,

Then immediately sprinted away

It was the second time he had attacked someone unprovoked,
without hesitation and without warning

And he sent our family friend to the hospital where she got 11 stitches

That was a really hard day on our whole family

And some members of my family felt that it might be best to rehome Gibson

I was crushed

Gibson was my dog

And because I hadn’t fixed his aggression issues

He had become a burden on my family and he hurt someone we cared about

And he wasn’t living a fulfilled life

Cooped up all the time, hardly ever leaving the house and yard.

So it was that day I promised my family and I promised Gibson that I was going to turn this around

I wasn’t going to lose my best friend

So I did what anyone would do in that situation

I hired a trainer

$400 for 4 lessons, paid upfront

He missed the first lesson, was late for the second, and then I never heard from him again after that

So I hired a second trainer

Then a third.

After all 3 trainers, I was left with a dog who was a pro at sit, stay, come, place and all the other fundamentals

But still went berserk at the sight of any other strange person or dog

I spent 2 years cycling through trainers 

For very little to show for it besides a thoroughly dented bank account

Eventually it got to the point where I had no other real option but to take it upon myself.

After nearly 4 years of frustration, discouragement, and misery… 

enough was enough.

I became determined to fix Gibson once and for all, heal what was broken, and start enjoying our lives together

Really, all I wanted was for everybody else to know and love the same Gibson that I knew and loved.

Not the fearful, vicious animal they all saw him as.

So I researched, studied, and did everything I could to learn how to fix an aggressive dog

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that 99% of the information out there is garbage

Everything contradicts each other and no one was showing any sort of proof that their philosophies worked. 

It was all just theory.

It was confusing, extremely time-consuming, and just aggravating

But after literally hundreds of hours spent on digging for how to fix aggression, trying new methods, failing, starting over, trying again… 

things finally started to click

And eventually, it got to the point where I felt confident enough to move to crowded downtown Chicago and take him with me

For the first week he was with me downtown, I took him everywhere muzzled, 

but almost right away I was able to walk him throughout the building, even in full elevators, and to parks full of people and dogs, and he never blew up once

He was, for the most part, calm and steady.

And he did pretty good

And we lived in that apartment building in downtown Chicago for a while without any serious issues

But I’ll admit, he wasn’t fixed

He was still fearful and anxious when people or dogs got close

And though he was good outside… 

I still couldn’t bring people over to my apartment because the aggression still was there in certain situations

For example he would constantly fight my brother’s Belgian Malinois whenever they were together and we had to keep them separated or on leashes at all times

So he was better, but not fixed.

Then a while later, I moved to a house in the suburbs of Chicago

and in the new house, I wanted to be able to have friends and family over, host parties, and enjoy the parks and nature reserves around us

Without needing to keep him in his crate, on a leash, or sending him to be boarded all the time

So I started studying again

And that was when I stumbled upon the “bubble theory”

And as soon as I heard it, the lightbulb went off

I knew this was it, what I had been missing for years

I implemented it instantly

And only 4 days later, 

I was confident enough to have friends & family in my house with Gibson free

This is Gibson hanging out by my friend Shane (left) and my girlfriend Alex (right), with no problems, completely calm. He had bitten both of them before!

Then not long after, we tried reintroducing him to my brother’s dog and this was the result

I could now bring Gibson to my parents’ house and he would play with my brother’s dogs instead of needing to keep them separated

It was an incredible feeling

And though it took a lot longer than I expected, I finally fulfilled that promise I made to my family and to Gibson.

And In short, I was able to finally live that life I imagined back when I met him for the first time when he was just a 10 week old puppy.

That’s what I want for you

Because the burden of having to manage an aggressive dog all the time, constantly anxious in anticipation of the next big blowup…

It’s exhausting and it’s miserable

That’s not the experience you should be having with your dog.

That dog is your best friend and your relationship should be filled with fun, excitement, and adventure.

Not worry, misery, and guilt.

And that’s the reason why sharing my story is so important.

Because I wasn’t some superstar dog trainer when I fixed Gibson’s issues, and I’m still not.

In fact, I was basically clueless.

I was just a regular guy who was determined to fix his best friend.

But the traditional options failed me, just like they fail thousands of committed, loving dog owners all over the world every year.

And without the knowledge of what to do and how to do it and the inability to find the answers anywhere… 

I was stuck, spinning my wheels for 4 years.

Until I discovered the “Bubble Theory”

It completely changed my and Gibson’s lives 

Hopefully it can do the same for you and your dog

So let’s get into it

What exactly is the “Bubble Theory”?

Every aggressive or reactive dog has their own Bubble

And all the bubble is, is how close the dog will allow their trigger to come to them before they respond aggressively

This bubble changes all the time:  

It changes depending on the environment they’re in

Who they’re with

And the trigger that’s nearby

For example one aggressive dog’s only bubble may be when they’re inside your house and a stranger walks in

But if they met that same stranger at the park, then they’d be best buds

That dog’s bubble changed with the environment, and this is normal

Another dog’s bubble may be 100 yards and any other dog who enters it, no matter where they are, causes a blowup

Another dog’s bubble may be so small, they only get upset when they’re touched in their bed

I’m sure by now you understand the concept of an aggressive dog’s bubble

Now, how do we use this knowledge to fix the aggression or reactivity? 

Well, The first thing we want to do is slowly shrink the bubble

We DO NOT want to “pop it”

which is what most trainers do when addressing aggression.

And Popping the bubble is when you cause the blow-up to happen
and then try to either punish/correct that response out of the dog, which is awful and will never work.

Or redirect/bribe them away from the trigger, stopping the blowup, which may work once or twice but doesn’t fix the issue long term.

So again, We want to slowly shrink the bubble all the way until it fades into nothingness and then they’re at least neutral to their former triggers

So how do we do that?

It goes back to the concept of the Bubble and what the theory is based on: space

Because all the bubble really is, is the amount of space your dog will allow between them and their trigger

Think of it this way:

You have to understand that aggressive behaviors are typically VERY SUCCESSFUL

Let’s say we have a dog whose bubble pops whenever another dog gets within 20 yards and then they’ll bark, lunge, growl and all the rest.

What that dog is saying is “I WANT SPACE AND I WANT IT NOW!” 

And once that happens, most people will see your dog rolling at the end of the leash, 

and they’ll scurry their dog away as quickly as possible. 

Guess what, your dog just received exactly what they wanted, the most valuable reward, SPACE. 

Why would they stop barking and lunging if the barking and lunging is working to make the other dog go away? 

We want to use this knowledge to our advantage. 

So instead of our dog being rewarded with space when they act aggressively,

We can flip that around and teach our dog that staying calm, relaxing, and focusing on us in the presence of the trigger will get them the space they want so badly

Now It’s vital that you understand how I phrased that.

We are TEACHING our dogs HOW we want them to respond when faced with their triggers.

We’re not just correcting the wrong response,
We need to clearly communicate what we DO want our dogs to do,
which is to stay calm, relaxed and focused on us.

Aggressive behaviors are natural, and even humans use aggressive behaviors!

This is not to say aggressive behaviors should just be tolerated,
but just to understand they come from a natural place,

and it’s our job to step in and show our dogs that our friend coming into the house means them no harm,
and then once we do that, we teach them a more appropriate response.

Now, to be fair,
it’s not as simple as just verbally telling your dog that their trigger is nothing to worry about 
and then stuffing them with treats, which is what many try to do

It takes WORK on your part to help your dog understand your expectation of wanting them to be calm, relaxed, and focused on you

and then to help them feel confident and comfortable around the triggers from smaller and smaller distances

Shrinking the bubble, until your dog can be right next to their trigger without reacting at all

And that point you’ve shrunk the bubble into nothing and changed their perception of the trigger from negative to neutral.

And then once you’ve done that, for most dogs, though not all, we can then take it a step further and change their emotional response to the trigger from neutral to positive.

This is exactly what I did to get Gibson to be okay with my brother’s dog and with my friends and girlfriend being in our house.

And for us, it only took 4 days.

Now there are 2 caveats to this

The first is that in order for the Bubble Theory to be effective,
Your dog needs to have built up a strong foundation of obedience skills, self-control, and confidence

Because an anxious dog who lacks any self-belief is going to be 10x more difficult to work through the Bubble Theory with

And if you think about it for a moment, the beauty of the Bubble Theory is that it changes the dog’s mindset and perception of their trigger one step at a time, with 0 conflict

But there already is conflict if your dog is fearful and anxious as soon as you step out of your house

You have to heal their mind with no triggers or distractions around first
if you’re going to have any hope of healing their mind when their triggers are right there

And the second caveat is this:

All this training needs to come from you

You can hire a trainer to build a perfect foundation for your dog, and then to implement the Bubble Theory

And it will work, but most likely only for a little while, usually just a couple days

Because remember how I said earlier that a dog’s Bubble changes depending on the environment they’re in and who they’re with?

Well if a trainer is the one who implements the foundation and the Bubble theory, then your dog’s Bubble is only going to fade when they’re with the trainer

Once they’re alone with you, in their usual environment, that bubble, and the aggression along with it, will likely come back

This is why it’s so common for a dog to be sent to a board & train, for example,

And at the end of the 2-3 weeks with the trainer, 

You go to pick up your dog and the trainer demonstrates the progress they made

And your dog seems like a superstar

But then you bring them home, 

3 days go by,

And your dog reverts right back to how they always were before

This happens all the time

It happened to me

It may have happened to you

This is why the secret to getting rid of your dog’s aggression and reactivity PERMANENTLY is the full education of you, their owner, their leader

Just like you need to build up your dog’s foundation of skills, self-control, and confidence

You also need to build up their and your confidence in you,
as well as your own trust in your skills as a handler

If that 2-way street of confidence & trust isn’t there,

Your dog will feel like they have to take control of every situation that makes them uncomfortable

And if you’re anxious or nervous,
you can be sure your dog will pick up on that too

Which again, is why it’s so common to see a dog behave horribly with their owner, then a trainer shows up, takes the leash and 5 minutes later the dog acts like an angel

Dogs are extremely perceptive

If you’re calm and confident, that will radiate to your dog

But you can’t fake it,
that calm confidence comes from increasing your skills as a handler

And that only comes through building that foundation together

Which anyone can do, no matter your age, size, or dog

In my time researching for how to fix Gibson, there was only *1* professional dog trainer I was able to find who got consistent results with fixing aggression.

I emailed him for help, but he never replied. But it’s okay I know how busy he is.

Anyway, his process is: he boards the dog in his own home for 3-4 weeks, 

and then after those 3-4 weeks, he demands to have AT LEAST *10* more follow-up, private lessons so he can teach and work with the owner on they need to be able to do so the problem stays away for good. 

Because that trainer understands that for real, long-lasting success the owner needs to be educated on what they need to do, how to do it, and why it’s important.

That trainer understands that. That’s why he demands 10 hours of personal follow up lessons. 

And that’s why he’s so successful.

When I was trying to rehabilitate Gibson, I had to find a way to give myself that full education, and it took years.

You don’t

Because at this point in this training video you already know:

That aggression and reactivity CAN BE overcome.

You’ve heard my story and know that if Gibson and I could do it, anyone can.

You’ve learned what an aggressive dog’s Bubble is and how it changes 

And finally, you’ve learned that the real secret to fixing your dog’s aggression or reactivity FOREVER is your full education.

And that without that complete education, most changes just aren’t likely to stick.

and you could spend thousands of dollars, dozens of hours, and months of energy… Just to end up right back where you started.

And while what you’ve learned from this training is the perfect start to your journey,

There are so many nuances to both the Bubble Theory and to building you and your dog’s foundations

That it would take us several hours to teach you everything you need to know to be able to turn your dog around

So at this point, you’re faced with 2 options:

Option 1 is to do what I did. You can buckle down, dive in head first, and commit yourself to learning everything there is to know about fixing aggression and reactivity.

I won’t lie to you, it’s a grueling process and it took me 4 years and hundreds of hours of studying and testing with Gibson before I was able to pull it off. 

But it’s absolutely possible, and you will be able to do it much faster than me because of what you’ve already learned in this training so far

But there’s also option 2.

Option 2 is to learn the proven process from somebody who has truly mastered fixing aggression and is one of the best in the world at it.

And no, that’s definitely not me

That’s Ashley Dunham

After my experiences with both Gibson and Libby, I wanted to find a way to help the thousands of other loving, committed dog owners who were struggling just like I had

I felt like it was what I was meant to do

So I searched for a partner, 

Someone who had the experience and skill with helping aggressive and reactive dogs of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of different circumstances

And almost a year later, I met Ashley, who is a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with over a decade of experience, and a specialty in aggression and reactivity.

And despite my success with Gibson, it wasn’t until I met Ashley that I realized how much I still did wrong throughout that whole process. 

Had I known back then what I know now after meeting Ashley, fixing Gibson wouldn’t have taken 4 years, more like 4 weeks.

Because she has a deep level of understanding not only on the subject of healing dog aggression and reactivity but also just dogs as a whole

Not to mention her intense passion for helping dogs and their owners.

And that passion is why we teamed up to put together the 1 program that allows an everyday dog owner to transform their aggressive or reactive dog into the confident, fulfilled, well-behaved dog of their dreams

Because our mission is to help the loving, committed dog owners like you who want nothing more than to give their dog a chance at the best life possible

A life without endless fear and anxiety

A life not spent hidden away from what should be fun and exciting interactions.

But instead a life of adventure and exploration.

A life lived with confidence and trust.

That’s what Ashley and I want for you

And that’s why together, we created the Aggression Academy

The “Aggression Academy” is a simple and straightforward, 6-week, step-by-step online course

You don’t need any dog training experience

Or any expensive or special training tools

And there is 0 harsh methods or punishment

And it’s designed for any dog who is aggressive or reactive towards people, other dogs, or on the leash

So that they may come out the other side of this program no longer struggling with aggression directed toward unfamiliar dogs or people

Now, I have to say that if you’re just looking for a quick training “hack” that will magically transform your dog in an instant, then this isn’t for you

Because that’s just not realistic

But if you’re looking for something real, then you’re in the right place

Because to get rid of a dog’s aggression or reactivity permanently, it does take time, effort, and consistency from you

But the reward of fulfilling your dog’s potential and giving them the opportunity to live the life they deserve is more than worth it

So no, The Aggression Academy is not some magic pill you can give your dog that instantly transforms them into their best selves.

Trust me, you and I would both love for that to be true

But it is the next best thing

and the reason why is because it combines Ashley’s 10+ years of experience working with dogs and owners of all backgrounds, ages, and life circumstances

with my half-decade of experience on the other side, as a dog owner who wanted nothing more than to help their best friend.

That combination of both perspectives is what’s made the Academy the simplest and most reliable way possible to fix your dog’s aggression or reactivity.

And that’s all we could hope for… wouldn’t you agree?

And don’t just take my word for it. 

See how well this worked for Sue with her unpredictable Golden Doodle, WIlson:

“Your program was my last thread of hope with Wilson. And overall, I love it. A big THANK YOU for offering a less expensive option. We’ve already spent so much $ on training that I wouldn’t have allowed myself to purchase yet another expensive attempt at fixing my dog. I’m so grateful.”

– Sue F.

Also hear from Kim and her success with her severely fearful dog:

“Thank You!! I was hesitant at first because of it being online, but It’s helped my poor boy so much and it’s so exciting to see him build his confidence!”

And from Rusty and the progress he’s made with his Senior dog:

“The training certainly was an adjustment for my 10 yr old and he didn’t take it very well at first, since he’s done whatever he wants when he wants all his life, but clearly it was what was needed. Thank you.”

And from Katherine, who is a trainer herself:

“Your program has been very helpful. I have previous experience but have never trained a puppy who is quite as reactive as the one I’m working with now. I share your understanding of canine behavior and am 100% on board with your methodology. My pup has progressed beautifully! I really appreciate your work. Thanks!”

See the reason why everyday dog owners like you and I have such great success with the “Aggression Academy”

Is because it’s been meticulously designed to provide you with the full education that, as we’ve covered, is absolutely essential in order to fix aggression and reactivity for good

Because in the Academy, not only are the exact steps of what to do simply laid out, explained, and demonstrated for you…

But you’re the one implementing those changes, 

so everything comes from you, in the environment your dog lives in every day.

And you’re becoming an extremely proficient dog handler on the way

And here’s the best part

You don’t need to devote hours per day to training 

In fact you don’t even need to devote hours per week to training

One of the trainers I hired to help me with Gibson told me 

that if I spent an hour a day training him, that in about 6 months we’d start seeing some good results

At the time, I was so desperate that sounded fine to me

But you shouldn’t need to spend that much time and wait that long to see real results 

And you don’t have to

Because when you’re in the Academy, here’s how much time we ask you to spend actively training:

5 minutes, twice a day. 

10 minutes a day total.

That’s It. 10 minutes a day of training.

That’s all the time you need to start to see incredible progress in your dog in just a couple of weeks

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Academy:

The course is broken down by week, and there are 6 weeks total.

At the start of each week, you’ll be provided access to around an hour’s worth of material to watch

Then you’ll be given the exact action steps to take for that week and shown exactly how to do them through simple instructions and video examples.

And for the rest of that week, you work on those action steps

And then you move on to the next week

This 1-week-at-a-time structure is a Huge reason why people in this Academy are so successful

It keeps you focused and present on only what to do in that moment

So you’ll never feel overwhelmed or confused.

Now, the first 3 weeks are dedicated to building that strong foundation we talked about earlier

By the end of the first 3 weeks, you will already notice a big difference in your dog’s confidence in themselves and in you, in their ability to focus on you, their ability to tune out distractions, their behavior inside your home, and their impulse control.

Next, Week 4 is all about taking you and your dog’s relationship to the next level. Building your bond to be unbreakable, building your trust in one another, giving your dog an enriched and fulfilled life, and bringing out your dog’s true and beautiful personality.

And all of this is done through simple games anyone can play that are fun for both your dog and for you!

Then we get to Weeks 5 & 6 and if you feel ready, this is when we’ll implement the Bubble Theory

You’ll work on slowly shrinking your dog’s Bubble without any conflict, until your dog becomes neutral to each of their triggers.

Then, once you get there, we’ll work on trying to change that neutral view of their former stressors, and change that into a positive view

It’s important to mention that not all dogs are social butterflies, and if yours isn’t that’s okay. 

Because Neutral definitely beats negative.

But in our experience, most dogs love to meet new human and doggy friends at this point in the program

And then the last step of the Aggression Academy is to send us your success story!

And that’s the process of how you start with an out of control dog who seemingly hates other people or dogs,
and step by step turn them into a confident & fulfilled dog who you can trust anywhere around anyone

No more endless worrying about if your dog will go berserk at the first sight of another dog,

No more horrifying embarrassment when people come over and ask about your dog and you have to explain they’re in the crate upstairs because they bite,

No more paralyzing stress that something could go horribly wrong at any moment,

And no more of the crushing feeling that things are never going to get better

They WILL get better.


Because that’s what the Aggression Academy is specifically designed to do.

It’s engineered to help an everyday dog owner just like me take their dog from fearful to confident

Anxious to Calm.

Aggressive to Curious.

Reactive to Relaxed

All you have to do to get there is join the program and follow the steps that are laid out for you.

And you can do just that today, 

at a fraction of the cost of the typical training options.

Because my primary motivation for starting Trail & Bone after my experiences with Libby & Gibson was to fix what’s broken in the dog training industry in its current state

Too many people are spending thousands of dollars to fix one, single problem: 


And it’s not working.

So when Ashley and I created the Academy, we not only made sure to create something that would actually get people the results they’re looking for and FAST

But more than that, I want you to be able to get those results without needing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars.

So to enroll in the Aggression Academy,

You don’t need to spend the $5,000 that the trainer I referenced earlier charges…

You don’t need to spend the $2,800 I spent on just one of the trainers I hired

The everyday price of the Aggression Academy

is just $297

That’s *10%* of the price of a typical Board & Train or just a couple private lessons

And while the Academy alone is worth the price, that’s not all you’ll get.

You will also have unlimited access to directly message Ashley to ask any and all questions you might have, get some emotional support, or just to share your daily wins!

Whatever you need, she will be there to offer her expert guidance and support

And more than that, you’ll also get completely free access to 2 Live, private Q&A calls with Ashley every week. 

On these live calls you will get personal, extended communication with Ashley.

Most trainers and behaviorists charge $100 an hour, minimum, for personal time.

You get it here for completely free.

Because every dog and every situation is unique, this personal time with Ashley could be the difference to achieving success.

And on top of all that, When you enroll in the Aggression Academy, for completely free you’ll also get 3 Bonuses:

Conquering Crate Training (Retail: $29)

Conquering Crate Training is a video course by Ashley for anyone interested in utilizing a crate.

It details the step by step process of how to select a crate, and how to introduce a crate as a safe space that your dog will Love. and 

You’ll also discuss why crates are so beneficial, alternatives to crating, and easy reintroduction to crates for dogs that have previously struggled with crate training.

Muzzle Mastery (Retail:$29)

Muzzle Mastery is a video course by Ashley for anyone who would feel more comfortable training with a muzzle.

You’ll learn how to select a muzzle, when to use it, and how to use it correctly while keeping it a positive experience so you, your dog, and everyone around you can be kept safe and comfortable. 

Leash Handling 101 (Retail $29)

Leash Handling 101 is a fun video course by Ashley that shows you how to handle even the strongest of dogs with confidence, and how to teach your dog to maintain a loose leash while walking, all through games that are fun for both you and your dog!

So right now, you’re getting 3 additional courses that normally retail for a combined $87 for completely free on top of the 6 week Academy, unlimited direct message access to Ashley, and 2 live Q&A calls a week

All for just $297

But here’s the thing

You’ve been watching this video training now for over 25 minutes

And that tells me 2 things

1, you’re an amazing, committed dog owner who would do anything to help your best friend

And 2, you and your dog need help

you wouldn’t still be watching this if those 2 things weren’t true

And if I’m right, and that is true for you, then It’s my obligation to do everything I can to offer you that help and make sure you get the best chance at succeeding with your dog

So for right now on this video only, I’ve created a special one-time price

If you go to our website tomorrow, you’ll see the Aggression Academy available for enrollment for $297

But right now, you can enroll for 33% of that price

Just $99, one-time

That’s just *3%* of the price of a typical board & train or just 1 private lesson

Now I’m offering this $200 off price for another reason too

The other reason is that with an aggressive or reactive dog

You can’t afford to put off the decision to make a change

You’ve heard my story with both Libby and Gibson

When you have an aggressive dog, your life can be flipped upside down in the blink of an eye

It happened to me multiple times

So If I can help it, I won’t let that happen to you

That’s why the Academy is $200 off for you right now, and only right now

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when you enroll in the Academy,

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Because if we can’t hold up our end of the deal, we don’t deserve your money

So here’s everything you’re getting today for just $99:

Worldwide, 24/7 access to 6 weeks of in-depth, step-by-step training with How-to’s and video examples all included

with an 

And on top of that you’re also getting for completely free:

Conquering Crate Training

Leash Handling 101

And Muzzle Mastery

And also 24/7 Access to directly message Ashley with any and all questions you may have, as well as share progress updates or just get any emotional support that you may need.

You’re getting all of that for the equivalent of just 3% of the price of an average Board & Train or 1 private lesson.

So if you’re ready to finally transform you and your dog’s lives together…

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I can’t wait to see you inside!

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