Name Change! We are changing our identity, brand, and name from Greenwood Dog Training to Trail & Bone.

When I first started Greenwood Dog Training, I didn’t put much thought into the name or what I wanted my company to represent. I just wanted to help dogs and their owners.

And while helping dogs still is, and will always be, my first priority, I want this company to be a symbol of the mission we’re on: to perfect our relationships with our dogs.

And I felt that Greenwood didn’t represent that goal as well as I would have liked.

So now, we are Trail & Bone.

I chose this name because it demonstrates my core beliefs about how we should be living with our dogs.

Trail: For us, Trail represents adventure. Trail represents exploration, pushing ourselves and our dogs to new heights and facing new and exciting challenges together.

This is something that is severely lacking in 95% of relationships between dogs and their people. Dogs aren’t meant to be confined to a house and backyard 24/7, they want to see, smell, hear new things, be in new places and have different and unique experiences.

Living an active and adventurous lifestyle with your dog brings them so much fulfillment and nothing brings a human and their dog closer.

Bone: Bone represents health and vitality. Bone represents what a huge difference diet makes in our dogs’ lives.

It’s something that the vast majority of dog owners don’t even think about. They just grab a bag of food that looks good from the grocery store and then fill up the dog bowl with it every day.

Our dogs deserve better. They deserve a natural and real diet that makes them more vibrant, more lively, more confident.

Those 2 words sum up what I believe we need to be doing with our dogs every day, that as a society, we’re lacking.

And I don’t blame the everyday dog owner for the state that we’re in with our dogs, because it’s not their fault.

It’s the dog industry as a whole that encourages us to ignore the things that bring dogs real and lasting fulfillment and health, in exchange for our own convenience.

So I believe that where big-box pet stores, name-brand food companies, and ignorant training franchises have failed us, there needs to be companies that promote a message of living active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyles with our dogs.

And that’s what I want Trail & Bone to be.

So, Greenwood, you served me and many other dog owners very well, but it’s time for a new chapter.

Now I’m proud to say, we are Trail & Bone!

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